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About Us

What is Bahay Kubo Research?

Bahay Kubo Research is an online resource for Filipino researchers all over the world. Started in June 2000, this site was established with the main purpose of consolidating the work of Filipino researchers in various fields of expertise, and promoting research cooperation and networking among Filipino researchers. As an initial task, a compilation of short biographies of Filipino researchers, their current research interests, and list of their publications is undertaken. The information gathered so far is now posted in the Profiles section of the site.

To expand the coverage of the compiled information, a database, where Filipino researchers can directly post their profiles and search profiles of other researchers has already been set up. This is available in the Database section of the site. The Research section has been incorporated to the site in order to emphasize and give more details to featured research topics and researchers. It is hoped that this will become a possible venue for discussion concerning research-related issues.

More recently, the main site was re-organized to also host a growing online community of Filipino researchers. After registration, members can update their research profile, update their publication list, contribute a post to the site or share an abstract of their research, invite colleagues, and create or join online groups, among others. With this additional functionality, we hope to make the site more interactive, foster communication among members, and make collaboration easier.

Why Bahay Kubo Research?

As the name implies, the website seeks to establish a virtual home online which Filipinos around the world can readily identify with. Simply hearing the word “bahay kubo” will immediately identify the website as Filipino-made. Bahay kubo is a native dwelling place for Filipinos; online it is the repository of information about Filipino researchers in the global community as well as recognition of their achievements and academic excellence. It is our niche on the net, our very own home in the wired world.

Who Are We?

Bahay Kubo Research was created by the husband-and-wife team of Epifanio “Baggy” Bagarinao Jr. and Katherine “Kathy” Develos-Bagarinao. Both of them obtained their BS and MS degrees from the National Institute of Physics at the University of the Philippines, Diliman. Baggy obtained his Doctor of Science in Biophysical Engineering from Osaka University in 2000, whereas Kathy obtained her Doctor of Engineering in Information Systems Engineering from Yamagata University in 1999. Currently they are both working full-time in Japan. Baggy is an associate professor in Nagoya University and Kathy is a senior researcher at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology or AIST. Bahay Kubo Research is an online project that they both manage out of their spare time and wholly voluntary efforts. The project has grown out of their passion to reach out to fellow researchers and to promote awareness of S&T among Filipinos.

We Want You to Be a Part of Our Team!

We believe that research is not only a part-time endeavor that we forget once we leave the halls of the laboratory; it is a way of life and thinking. We welcome anybody who shares the same passion and vision of establishing our own online niche. Write us an email at tanong [at]

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