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You’re here! What to do next?

Welcome and thank you for joining the BKR community! This post summarizes some of the things that you can do now that you are a member of the community.

Complete your profile

Aside from the Basic Information required during registration, you can add your Current Affiliation, Education (highest degree) and Social Links like Twitter, Facebook, etc. to your profile. To do this, click the Profile link in your profile page (an example is shown below) and select the Edit tab. Links to edit your Current Affiliation, Education, and Social Links can be found in this tab.

Add your publications

To add your publications to your profile, simply click the Publications link in your profile page. You can then select whether to add journal articles in the Journals tab, conference abstracts, proceedings, or presentations in the Conferences tab, or book entries in the Books tab. Alternatively, you can visit your Dashboard (hover your mouse over the Bahay Kubo Research link located at the top left of the page to display the link to the Dashboard), where you will find the Publications link. Clicking this link will load an administrative page where you can find links to create entries for new journal articles, books, or conferences.

Contribute a post or share an abstract

You can also contribute posts to the website that will be more accessible to the general public. Contributed post can be a simple announcement for upcoming conferences, call for papers, job opportunities, and others. You can also contribute a detailed profile of yourself in the Profiles category or posts describing, in layman’s terms, your research in the Research category. To contribute a post to the website, click the Posts link in your profile page. Under the Articles tab, you will find a link to create new posts. Contributed articles will also appear in this tab.

If you want to share an abstract instead, you can select the Abstracts tab. Sharing an abstract of your published paper will help publicize your research as well as provide a summary of your publications, which is not available in your list of publications. Shared abstracts will be accessible from the main site. As an additional convenience, after publishing the abstract, the abstract’s page will contain an ‘ADD TO MY PUBLICATION’ button, which you can click to add the information to your publication list. You can use this feature to first share an abstract, and then add the details of your publication to your list.

Invite your colleagues

Help us grow our community by inviting your colleagues to join! Inviting colleagues is very easy and can be done in 3 simple steps. First, select the Send Invites link in your profile page. Second, enter the email address in the provided text box. You can enter up to 5 email addresses at a time, one email per line. Finally, click the Send Invites button to send the invitation. The body of the invitation email can be customized if you want to add more personal message.

Create or join groups

You can also create groups or join existing ones. To do this, visit the Groups page, where you can find a link to Create a Group. Click this link and follow the instructions. To join an existing group, click the All Groups link in the groups page to display the available groups. From the list, select the group that interests you. In the selected group’s page, click the Join Group button. Note that some groups may not be open to all members and requires approval from group administrators.

Post updates

In your page profile, click the Activity link to find a list of your activities and updates from your friends and groups. Here, you can use the provided text box to post a status update or anything you want to share to the community, to your friends, or to your group.

For questions, clarifications, and suggestions, drop comments below.

Profile Page
An example profile page: BKR Team’s Profile Page

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