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Bahay Kubo Research Database site enhancements: Making it more social

It’s been awhile since we’ve updated or added features to the BKR database. Today, we are happy to announce additional features recently implemented to enhance the database’s functionality. The main motivation of these enhancements is to increase the visibility of the research output of Filipino researchers on the internet. Toward this end, we have incorporated social features to the site, which makes it easier to share the available information in the database to your social networks.

BKR Database
Bahay Kubo Research Database

New in this update:

  • The Facebook Like button – all journal titles are now displayed with a Facebook “Like” button. Facebook users can click this button to automatically share the information to their Facebook friends. The shared information contains a link back to the article’s detail page, where visitors can post comment using another Facebook’s social plugin – the comment box.
  • The Facebook comment plugin – this can be found in the detailed view of every journal article. Facebook users can leave comments and, if desired, share the comment back to their Facebook profiles. Aside from Facebook, visitors can also post comments using other internet accounts including Yahoo, AOL, and Hotmail.

For registered Filipino researchers, we have also added a digital object identifier (DOI) field in the journal publication entry. The DOI system provides persistent interoperable identifiers for digital objects such as journal articles. By providing this information, we can automatically link your article to the publisher’s website where more detailed information about your article, such as abstracts, online version of your article, and downloadable PDF files, among others, can be found.  This can significantly facilitate visitors looking for more information about the publication. Note that the database has other useful features such as automatic CV generation for those who want their CV created on the fly and a syndication feature that you can use in your personal website.

We will continue enhancing the database with other similar useful features. If you have any suggestions or comments or features that you would like to use, please let us know by posting your comment below. For Filipino researchers, if you still have not registered in the database, we would like to invite you to do so now. For our visitors, help us spread the work of our researchers by sharing them to your social media friends and connections.

As always, thank you for your continued support!


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