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Bahay Kubo Research Database in Facebook and its New Data Syndication Feature

We are happy to inform everyone about the newly launched beta version of the Bahay Kubo Research Database Facebook application. You can find the application in this URL:

If you have a Facebook account, you can use this application to import the information registered in the BKR database into your Facebook profile. You can include a Publications tab in your Facebook profile to display your recent publications. In the application’s canvas, you can view your list of publications and those of your friends who are also registered in the database.

Moreover, you may directly add new publication entries within Facebook. You can do this by visiting the application’s canvas page. Click the link to add a new publication entry, then fill in the needed information. After hitting the submit button, the new entry will be added to the database. It will also post the same info onto your FB wall to update your friends.

You can also join our fan page for more social interaction:

Lastly, we invite everyone to try the newly implemented Data Syndication feature of the BKR database. Using this feature, you can display the information currently stored in the BKR database right into your own website or any web page you choose. This means that you only need to update your research profile in the BKR database and those web pages will be automatically updated as well. The advantage is that you only have to update once instead of performing the task for each and every web page you maintain.

To syndicate your research profile, login to the Bahay Kubo Research Database. From the list of links in the left panel, click Syndication under the Miscellaneous group. You can then select which information you want to syndicate. Copy and paste the resulting HTML code into the web page where you want the information to appear. Every time you update your profile in the database, the updated information will automatically appear in those pages.

Hope you will find these new tools useful. If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please let us know.


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