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2011 QS Asian University Rankings: 4 Philippine Universities in Top 200

As part of an expansion to the QS World University Rankings, the QS Asian University Rankings was first published in 2009. It ranks Asia’s top universities based on academic reputation, employer reputation, faculty-student ratio, papers per faculty, and citations per paper, among others. This year marks its third year and the rankings are now out.

This year’s top 5 Asian universities are:

  1. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong)
  2. University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
  3.  National University of Singapore (Singapore)
  4. The University of Tokyo (Japan)
  5. The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Four universities from the Philippines are included in the top 200, see Table 1 below. The University of the Philippines jumps to 62nd from 78th last year. On the other hand, Ateneo de Manila University moves to 65th from 58th. The University of Santo Tomas is currently ranked 104th, while De La Salle University is ranked 107th.


TABLE 1: QS Asian University Rankings (2010 & 2011)
University Rank (2011) Rank (2010)
University of the Philippines 62 78
Ateneo de Manila University 65 58
University of Santo Tomas 104 101
De La Salle University 107 106


Aside from the overall rankings, universities are also ranked in 5 subject areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Social Sciences and Management, Natural Sciences, and Life Sciences and Medicine.

The following tables summarize the ranking of several Philippine universities included in the top 200 of each subject category. The University of the Philippines always ranks higher relative to other Philippine universities in all categories except in the natural sciences where Ateneo de Manila University is one rank higher (Table 5). The only category where 8 Philippine universities are in the top 200 is life sciences and medicine (Table 6).


TABLE 2: Ranking for the Arts and Humanities
University Rank
University of the Philippines 20
Ateneo de Manila University 29
De La Salle University 59
University of Santo Tomas 103


TABLE 3: Ranking for Engineering and Technology
University Rank
University of the Philippines 63
Ateneo de Manila University 89
De La Salle University 113
Mapua Institute of Technology 157
University of Santo Tomas 170


 TABLE 4: Ranking for Social Sciences and Management
University Rank
University of the Philippines 27
Ateneo de Manila University 46
De La Salle University 79
University of Santo Tomas 136


TABLE 5: Ranking for the Natural Sciences
University Rank
Ateneo de Manila University 38
University of the Philippines 39
De La Salle University 98
University of Santo Tomas 104
University of San Carlos 151


TABLE 6: Ranking for Life Sciences and Medicine
University Rank
University of the Philippines 37
University of Santo Tomas 61
Ateneo de Manila University 64
De La Salle University 74
Silliman University 158
Xavier University 174
Saint Louis University 177
University of San Carlos 195


As a final note, the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) retains the number one spot ahead of Harvard University (United States) in the global ranking. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  (United States) jumps to third ahead of Yale University (4th, United States) and the University of Oxford (5th, United Kingdom). No university from the Philippines made it to the top 300 of the QS World University Rankings.


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