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Calling on all Filipino bloggers to unite for S&T

Filipino bloggers are growing in number, everyday. It’s amazing how we have immediately warmed up to the blogosphere. However, most of the blogs that I encounter are personal blogs, some of them are technoblogs written by technology-savvy individuals. Some bloggers with scientific backgrounds occasionally write posts that are science-related. However, it’s obvious that a blog exclusively about science and technology (S&T), research and development (R&D) has yet to be created.

This blog was created to fill in that vacuum in the blogosphere.

This is a call on all Filipino bloggers whose interests and passion are in S&T, R&D, academe or industry. Let’s blog about how we feel about the scientific and technological advancement in the Philippines. Let’s give a voice to the underrepresented minority of our country.

 And that includes YOU, my friend, the one who’s reading this blog now. 🙂


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  1. jsbaird

    I hope you will find the indicated website about Davao City and its Environmental efforts regarding Responsible Subdivision Development informative and interesting

  2. andre

    on this way Filipinos could contribute or to have a unique own Science and Research for future generations. because until now – we are always in copycat with other nations science of inventions; in which not applicable to our country. In the long run we can contribute something that can change our country by not borrowing other nation’s knowledge. Furthermore – i hope not only science but also something to do with our Fellow Filipino’s or especially in our country.

  3. baggy

    Hi Pomona,

    Thanks for dropping by. I will definitely read your entry especially if it is about DOST. DOST is the S&T arm of the government. So I would like to know what it does for S&T (its action or inaction).


  4. pomona

    “Let’s blog about how we feel about the scientific and technological advancement in the Philippines.” …you wouldn’t want to read it if i write about the dost!!!

  5. geologs

    Hi! I’ll start this “forum” by asking a question.

    I am a newbie in materials science, so my question is – how do you compute for the band gap energy of a material based on a UV-VIS spectra. It’s probably elementary for most physicist/chemist – unfortunately I am neither!


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