Calling on all Filipino bloggers to unite for S&T

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10 Responses

  1. lakan says:

    ok will try.. for the love of science 🙂

  2. geologs says:

    Hi! I’ll start this “forum” by asking a question.

    I am a newbie in materials science, so my question is – how do you compute for the band gap energy of a material based on a UV-VIS spectra. It’s probably elementary for most physicist/chemist – unfortunately I am neither!


  3. aracir says:

    will try din…Math ang focus ko…

  4. I’ll try business process outsourcing.

  5. pomona says:

    “Let’s blog about how we feel about the scientific and technological advancement in the Philippines.” …you wouldn’t want to read it if i write about the dost!!!

  6. baggy says:

    Hi Pomona,

    Thanks for dropping by. I will definitely read your entry especially if it is about DOST. DOST is the S&T arm of the government. So I would like to know what it does for S&T (its action or inaction).


  7. Roland Quast says:

    Rather than writing blogs, what about writing small open source code projects? Good open source projects gives a lot of credit to any country in my opinion.

  8. andre says:

    on this way Filipinos could contribute or to have a unique own Science and Research for future generations. because until now – we are always in copycat with other nations science of inventions; in which not applicable to our country. In the long run we can contribute something that can change our country by not borrowing other nation’s knowledge. Furthermore – i hope not only science but also something to do with our Fellow Filipino’s or especially in our country.

  9. jsbaird says:

    I hope you will find the indicated website about Davao City and its Environmental efforts regarding Responsible Subdivision Development informative and interesting

  10. Edmund says:

    Let us showcase the talents of our fellow Filipinos by blogging about their achievements in the fields of science and technology.