Impact of climate change in the Philippines

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1 Response

  1. Up to how long can the Philippine government really make an urgent action about Climate Change. Recently, we have experienced the unstoppable rains over the nine provinces including NCR affecting the whole Nothern Luzon’s weather condition. That’s practically heading up the so called Hanging Habagat in China which tremendously brought the heavy rains over the Luzon areas. Also, this resulted to the wide floodings in Metro Manila and the remaining nine provinces in Luzon.

    The last week’s tragic experience of our kababayans will still be continued if the Proper Action will take place. It’s true that the National Distaster Coordinating Council which was fully manned by our President himself widely shares its concern about the the disaster preparedness among of our Local Government Units (LGU’s) to be more responsible in facing the La Nina’s occurrence most especially during the rainy season.

    However, upon seeing the reports in television, there are still a lot of problems which we encountered during the high occurrence of water level along the streets of Metro Manila, Pampanga, Bataan, and Bulacan. Some our poor kababayans remained in their abode and continuously monitoring their properties while others were in the evacuation. How long could we therefore be more prepared in facing this calamity?

    The government in all areas of communication should give more preparedness in the disaster conditions. So we may not be able to face other great obstacles. We need to act not. Look at our drainage systems, our waste management systems, the ways to practically orient all the baranggays about cleanliness and the ways to prevent pollution. If these will be achieved the environmental awareness of our dear kababayans will now then be highly appreciated and we can save our environment.

    An act of proper discipline and a love of our country should both be dealt by each one of us. If we want our country to be more productive and free from pollution then its time enough to start re cleaning our country.