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9th National Convention of the Philippine Society for the Study of Nature

The Philippine Society for the Study of Nature, Inc. (PSSN) cordially invites you to the 9th Annual Convention to be held on November 12 -1 5, 2009 at the City of Majestic Waterfalls – Iligan City. The annual convention of the society is a gathering of life and social scientists, teachers, researchers, and other professionals involved in nature research. It serves as a forum for the presentation of research findings, sharing of knowledge, exchange of ideas, and discussion of topics related to nature research and education.

The 9th convention will focus on a theme: – “Nature in Crisis: A look at the social responsibility of universities, media, government, private sector and grassroots”. To be featured in this year’s convention are interesting plenary topics to be presented by well-known personalities in the academe, media, government and private foundations in the utilization, protection and conservation in nature. Likewise, updates in scientific research will also be presented by researcher-members from all parts of the country. The local organizing committee has exciting plans for the post-symposium tour to major tourist spots in the area.

The first day of the convention will have activities to reach out to young high school and college researchers from all over the country who will be presenting their research projects in the form of oral and poster research papers, films on nature in crisis, protection and conservation issues to be shared to all members and participants of the convention. The first day will also showcase the outstanding research projects of our scientists who will be competing for this year’s Best paper Awards. Cash Awards and Plaques of recognitions will be given to outstanding papers. The second day of the convention will feature plenary papers of invited speakers who are known personalities in the academe, conservation and protection of nature. The third day of the convention will feature the presentation of research papers, posters.

For more information, please contact:

Dr. Cesar G. Demayo, Chair, LOC
Dept. of Biology, College of Science & Math
MSU-IIT, Tibanga, Iligan City
Email: c_demayo @ yahoo . com



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