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How to Help

The short version:

  • Post your research profile in the BKR database so that it can be viewed by the public.
  • Submit relevant articles to the main BKR site such as the summary of your most recent publication, conference annoucements, etc. Get an account here.
  • Register at the BKR Blog and share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions to the rest of the BKR community.
  • Join the Filipino researchers’ mailing list at yahoogroups. Click to join filipinoresearchers.
  • Or contact us if you have any other suggestions or would like to help. We need contributors, forum facilitators, blog authors, etc.

Now, the long version…

Bahay Kubo Research (BKR) is an online resource for Filipino researchers all over the world. BKR was created and voluntarily maintained through the collaborative efforts of dedicated science enthusiasts, with the primary aim of consolidating the work of Filipino researchers in various fields of expertise and promoting research cooperation among them. It is in this light that BKR invites all Filipino scientists, engineers and researchers, especially the young and newly graduates, to join the BKR Team in building this website. To make this collaborative effort over the Internet possible, the site has been re-structured allowing access to registered users. The registered users can now directly post information to the site, which basically allows them to become active contributors to the growing compilation of information at the site. It is our hope that through this collaborative approach, we could reach more Filipinos who can actively participate in this endeavor, and thus further hasten the realization of the site’s goals.

Contributing to the Bahay Kubo Research website is easy. The first thing you need to do is to get a BKR user account using the Login/Register link located in the upper right corner of this page. After receiving your BKR user account information, simply login to the BKR website, change the supplied user password, and start contributing! The first thing you can do is to write your personal profile containing your short biography, description of your research interest, and possibly a list of your publications. Several profiles are now available and can be found at the profiles link in the Saliksik section of the site. To do this, just click on the Submit An Article link in the Misc section and the new submission page will be displayed. After encoding your personal profile, just save it and it will be automatically linked to the site’s index page.

As a registered user, we encourage you to write a more detailed description of your research activities. If you’re working on several topics, we recommend writing one article per topic. Or you can simply write a summary of the paper you’ve published recently. If you know a Filipino colleague, you can also write his/her research’s profile. Or better, you can invite your colleague to join the BKR Team. Articles related to science and technology, announcements concerning conferences and other scientific activities, and other relevant topics that you consider beneficial to the Filipino scientific community can also be posted. The site also includes several other useful tools such as calendar for scheduling and posting events, poll manager for managing polls, bulletin board for online discussion, etc. These tools are readily accessible after logging in. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the BKR team at tanong @ bahaykuboresearch . net.

Together, we can build our online niche. So join now and become a BKR Team member!



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